Mike Towell Raffle Ticket

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We at Manifesto are proud to have sponsored the late Iron Mike Towell. We have hand picked a number of pieces, from brands past and present, which will be raffled off for a charity which aims to provide boxing clubs around the UK with handheld brain scanners.

The prizes available are -

Tuk Tuk x Casual Connoisseur Shirts

Casual Connoisseur x Manifesto 30 ANS Weir Hats

Adidas Only Addiction book Volume 1 & 2

Adidas Spezial book signed by Gary Aspden

Adidas 350 Trainers

Pretty Green T-shirt signed by Liam Gallagher

Diadora Borg Elite "kangaroo leather" #667/800

The charity was founded in Mikes memory by his partner Chloe. The scanners will help detect brain bleeds, known as intracranial hematomas, which are without doubt the most serious risk to a competitor in any combat sport and early detection of them is absolutely vital.

Scanners will be engraved with his name in his honour, the charity has raised £20,000 thus far and successfully donated two scanners. We are hoping that this raffle will provide a third scanner.

We'd also like to thank our website designers mtc (Dundee) for setting up this platform.

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Range: £10 to £10